TyGeMo (pronounced tie-guh-moe) is a Tcl/Tk graphical front end to the digital camera software, Photopc.  Photopc can be downloaded from here.

TyGeMo only supports serial port access to your digital camera.  Since just about all of the more recent digital cameras are USB based, TyGeMo is really more of a legacy application for those with older cameras.


PhotoPC (version 3.05 or higher)  http://photopc.sf.net
Tcl/Tk (version 8.xx or higher) http://www.scriptics.com
Functional hardware (digital camera & PC serial port)

Using TyGeMo

TyGeMo can perform the following tasks for you:

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Run the TyGeMo script simply by typing 'tygemo'.  This assumes that tygemo is in your $PATH.  If it is not, then you will have to provide the full path, such as
Before you can perform either of the tasks, you must set the two configuration options, Serial port SPEED & Serial Port.
In most cases, the default serial port speed of 115200 is fine.  You will have to select the correct serial port that the camera is plugged into.
If you select the wrong port, you will get errors, and communication with your camera will fail.  If you are unsure of which port your camera is plugged into, trial and error is usually safe, however I take no responsibility whatsoever if something unexpected occurs when trying to communicate with the wrong serial port.
If you are certain that you are accessing the correct serial port, and yet you are still get errors or poor results, try selecting one of the slower serial port speeds.
Also, make certain that the camera is turned on before attempting to communicate with it, or you will also receive errors.  Normally, switching the camera 'on' is the same as putting it into a state where it is ready to take pictures.

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The last stable version of TyGeMo is 1.0, and can be downloaded here at SourceForge:

Contact me

If you want to report bugs, request features, or just comment on TyGeMo, I can be contacted here:
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